Sunday, July 26, 2009


Saturday, 25.07.2009
Clubshow Großaitingen (GER)
Judge: Mrs. Karin Voye (GER)
No. of entries: 42

Juniorclass dog: 8
Simaro Burt Reynolds, EX 2, res. JCAC

Intermediate dog: 5
Simaro Bruce Darnell, EX 1, CAC

Openclass bitches:
Simaro Avril Lavigne, EX 2, res. CAC
Thank you Tanja and family for the fantastic cooperation in co-ownership with "Ronja" and "Simaro kennel " !!!

Championclass bitches:
Borderline Country Venice, EX 1, CAC

Emilia`s and Stanly´s kids - from left to right -
Balou, Jester, Anakin


...... and very early on Sunday morning..... herding
Shannon, Venice, Jenny and co-owner bitch Ronja with Tanja!
Shannon pic below (see more herding pictures here)


Jenny and Madeleine pic below (see more herding pic´s here)


Pic below "Ronja" and Tanja (see more pic´s here)

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